About Us

Provectus Corporate Solutions provides advanced covert surveillance to corporate clients and high-net-worth individuals.

All our operators come from military, police or government intelligence service backgrounds and are only employed on recommendation. Every employee is required to complete our in-house training; this ensures that the entire Provectus team operates under strict and uniform Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Security issues can strike any business or individual. We have the experience, knowledge and skillset to provide the solution you need. Our client base is extensive: high profile corporate and private clients requiring complex solutions, as well as individuals requesting our services.

We will treat your enquiry with respect and discretion. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to a variety of security issues, including: Surveillance (covert and protective), Counter surveillance, Protection of people, information and assets, Corporate and private security on any scale, Divorce, pre-marriage and matrimonial concerns.



However effective you are at managing your affairs, you cannot be everywhere. Each member of the Provectus team has high-level surveillance skills. This means they can act as an extra pair of eyes, privately monitoring to give you peace of mind.

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These services are designed to give you peace of mind. You may require specialised advice, or simply ask us to carry out a technical survey. Rest assured, our technical operators can give you the specialised advice you need.

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Executive Protection

Provectus provides various Global Assignment profiles to our clients. Our large existing client database, is testimony to our wealth of knowledge, understanding & professionalism within the industry.

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We can create bespoke surveillance training courses for your security staff. Improving awareness and detection within your business directly benefits the protection of your people and your assets.

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Why Choose Provectus?

  • Over fifteen years’ experience
  • Integrity, discretion and trust
  • Covert surveillance experts
  • Skilled operators
  • Equipped with latest covert communications systems
Why Choose Provectus?
  • Strategic protection of people and assets
  • Professional approach to private and corporate security issues
  • Precise risk assessment
  • Daily reports keep you informed
  • Professional, reliable and flexible