About Us

About Us

An experienced, highly trained and professional surveillance and security team

With over fifteen years’ experience in the private and corporate surveillance and security sector, we are proud of our record of success and recommendations.

All our operators have undergone an intensive training programme.  This means that they work cohesively and effectively at a high level – creating an instinctive and professional team that works for you.

We recruit personnel from military and police and government backgrounds.  Additionally, to provide balance, we include those from a civilian origin.  We also ensure a range of ages, and mix of profiles for gender and ethnicity.  This diverse team can operate covertly in complex, changeable and challenging environments.

Put simply, they take pride in getting the job done.

Our Clients

By necessity, our client list is private.

We have provided complex surveillance and security solutions for a wide range of businesses.  This includes international contracts with large corporations and high-level private clients right across the globe.  Be assured, we achieve excellent results and have returning clients.

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