High-Level Surveillance Services

However effective you are at managing your affairs, you cannot be everywhere.

Each member of the Provectus team has high-level surveillance skills.  This means they can act as an extra pair of eyes, privately monitoring to give you peace of mind.

We gather relevant intelligence and create a strategy. We guarantee to strive to bring the results you need.

Covert Surveillance

Concealed close observation

Using the latest surveillance equipment, experienced operators will stay undetected as they work towards your objective.  Our operators are from varied backgrounds, gender and ethnic profiles; they know how to blend in and work unobserved.

With access to the latest technical equipment and training, and under the command of an experienced Team Leader, they will work to an agreed and stringently planned strategy.

Surveillance environments can change quickly: be assured that our team will monitor the situation and act professionally and with discretion at all times.

Counter Surveillance

Protecting a person, information or asset from outside threat

It is an uncomfortable feeling to believe that you, or something or someone personal and precious to you, is being surveyed or monitored by an outside agency.

Our specialised team has the skills and methods that can identify if your fears are well-founded.  If you are under surveillance in any way, our operators will uncover the threat without revealing their presence, or compromising your integrity.  The person, people or organisation that is investigating you will be unaware of the counter surveillance techniques we use.

Once you have full knowledge of the situation, should you wish, we can use our protective surveillance expertise to plan for your close protection and personal security.